Friday, October 31, 2008

Fry ups, fires and bellyaches

So Grayson seems to be feeling a bit better this morning, he has been drinking some tea, but hasn't eaten yet. His personality is back, and for that I am happy, the crabby crying child from yesterday was not my baby. The girls went off to school happy and content, I am hoping that they stay well through trick or treating tonight. They were so sad about not having the party tonight, so I have a few things up my sleeves to take the sting out.

The forecast says it will warm up today and be beautiful, but right now it is so chilly. Ryan just made me a gorgeous fire, and I fried up some potatoes, onions, leftover farm sausage and an egg for breakfast. Usually I don't eat in the morning, but today I really wanted a good old fashioned fry up. Now I must go grade papers, start a pot of applesauce and apple butter, maybe we will finish off the last of the apples today!

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