Friday, October 31, 2008

Here's the thing

when people are sick, and you actually care, you call to see if they are okay or need anything. That is what I do.


Joe Kerr (Get It) hahaha said...

Funny that you think that way because when I am sick I find the people who care about me show it by staying away and I know if I need something I can call them and they will be there for me in an instant and that's how I know they truly care not by a phone call. I hope all the tribe is well and this passes by soon! :)

Tribe Mama said...

A simple phone call to check in shows kindness. One should not feel that they always need to reach out, always dial the phone regardless of who is ill or healthy. The offering of help is a sign of friendship, it is difficult always having to ask when it isn't offered.