Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sleep sleep sleep

So, I went to bed last night, loaded on Advil PM and ready to pass out until 7:30. Well, that didn't work out. Between midnight and 4 am, husband kept snoring and waking me up. At 4:30 Haven was up coughing, she has a cold and can't take anything for her nose and cough, so she was up awhile. Then Gray was up at 5 am covered in hives again! I gave Gray meds for the hives, and made a mental note to call the allergist today, Haven fell back to sleep and I came downstairs. It is now ten to six and I have been up most the of the night. So, what do I do in these early morning hours? Well, I poke around online, check in with work and blog of course! In a few minutes I will start breakfast for the kids, so they can eat something hot, then I will vacuum, switch laundry and straighten up, all before they come downstairs. Then somewhere around 10 am, I will pass out on the couch for an hour :)

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