Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bad Teacher/Good Mom

So, I decided to let my Friday class have the day off. They were only meeting with me to go over presentations, so they can send that information via email, and I can save myself the Friday traffic nightmare prior to trick or treating.

Tomorrow all three kiddos have parties. I am baking some ghost cookies for the girl's classes, and Grayson's class is getting carrots (I signed up for the healthy snack). Gray will wear his costume and the kids get to go trick or treating around the high school where the preschool is located. The teachers get so into the little one's coming and fill their sacks full, I swear I have never seen one small child with so much candy!

As is tradition, we will have a themed dinner tomorrow and the Fallon kids will come and eat with us, then go trick or treating. I also have saved a movie for them for after they truck through the neighborhood.

Tonight I have some grading, posts and a call to make, but then I will get some down time.

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