Monday, October 13, 2008

Canning Day #1

Oh my, so we really have apples coming out our ears! Here is a picture of the 2 1/2 bushels we picked on Saturday (minus about 15 apples that were eaten).....then mentally add to it the five pounds we got today from the CSA!!!

The apples we picked are HUGE, bigger than my fist, and the trees were filled with them. I guess it pays to go pick up in apple country, and we will head back next year to this orchard, they were fantastic and cheap. Each 1/2 bushel was 12 bucks, and they each weigh around 25 pounds, 30 if you are like us and overfill the bags!

Last night we enjoyed fried apple pies, right now my biggest stockpot is filled to the brim with diced apples to become applesauce. Later today, the applesauce will be canned up to be enjoyed all winter. Tomorrow I am hoping to get the apple pie filling made and canned, then Thursday will be the diced apples.

My kids are so excited, they love anything apple, so having a pantry full of apple goodness makes them happy.

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