Sunday, October 26, 2008

Church and graniola

We thankfully made it to church today, no sick kids, no flat tires! They held a pagan ceremony, it was really interesting and I enjoyed the message it sent. Grayson's class is using Dr. Seuss to learn morals, today he came home with a quote from Horten Hears a Who in a bug plastic egg, it was really fun to see how they have worked the message of giving your word into something a four year old understands. Brittan's class focused on the changes in nature and the symbols of harvest, and Haven's class focused on the ceremony of the chalice and using creative listening.

After church we headed over to the new Lowes to use our coupon and buy a new inflatable for Christmas. My husband for years resisted the blow ups, and we always decorated the house very classically, white lights, wreathes, etc. Last year Grayson was so sick and all he wanted was the blow up Santa in an airplane, so we got it and placed in an area in front of the garage. It looked a little bare, so we added a train, a blow up snow man and lights. I managed to keep everything to the one area, and the rest of the house still had the classic decorations, so hubby was OK. Well, now we have the big polar bear and he will be over by our big tree in front of the house. He's holding a wreath, do you think that will help? I figure the kids are only little once, and they get so excited every night when we turn the lights and decorations on. So come on Thanksgiving, I am ready to decorate!

After Lowes, we headed home, I made the kids stromboli with the cheese I made yesterday and I have a batch of apple raisin granola in the oven. I must run out to the store tonight, all three kids have field trips this week, so I need drinks and paper bags.

Off to stir the granola.

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