Tuesday, October 21, 2008


See what happens with a whole day at home, lots of posts!

The apple butter is about to go into the canner, which is great because my newest way to abuse apples came today, MY DEHYDRATOR! I won't be able to play with it tomorrow, but come Thursday, apples will be sliced and drying. This should be the end of my canning, I am sure you are all thankful :)

So, to keep with the apple theme we have had the last few weeks, I brought it into dinner. Tonight we are having a roast chicken with homemade stuffing (there are water chesnuts in there, mmmmmm), some of the apple pie filling recreated as warm, fried apples, a great big salad featuring the last of our tomatoes, CSA lettuce and of course apples, and some biscuits. I never did make the apple pie, oh well.

I will be happy to see the canner and supplies move back into the pantry room, they have taken up space in my kitchen long enough. The dehydrator, well, it is new and can sit on the island for a few days cranking out dried apples to be used in salads and muffins and homemade granola. We are ready for winter, bring it on!

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A Jersey Girl said...

Just think of all those yummy apples you'll have for the rest of the year.