Tuesday, October 14, 2008


One soccer game, lots of experiences with people. One women seemed annoyed at how I choose to live my life, that I can, cook from scratch, go to the farm. In addition, she questioned whether or not I could do all I do if I had another child. All I could think was, well this women obviously doesn't know me and has some kind of guilt or concerns about how she runs her own life. I have said this before, I really know that how I choose to live is not "normal" and that I need to be more active and busier than most people would prefer. I hate having downtime, and I really struggle and get anxious when I don't have something to do, this is why I do all of the things I do, it helps me stay calm. I DO NOT think that the way I live is the best way, in fact, I think it is probably pretty unhealthy given that I am often stressed and overwhelmed. I do this because I am crazy and have horrible OCD and anxiety issues. I repeat, I AM CRAZY!!!!

It is so odd to me that people react the way they do. I can almost see their minds ticking away, running through what I do, what they do and seeing if they measure up in their own minds. Then they are weird or make jokes or say nasty things to me, and all the while I am thinking that they should be happy they can probably sit still and watch a movie! Why do people care what I do, and why do they feel I judge them (and I don't Emily, sometimes I don't understand when people say they don't have time, but I don't think less of people who don't do the same things)

The other experience at the soccer game was with a mother who feels her kid does not wrong, except her kid is a bully. He has done a number of things to kids on our team including my daughter, as well as siblings. To me, he is a spoiled and undisciplined child, and while I can agree that this women has every right to parent as she sees fit, my kid and the kids on the soccer field shouldn't be paying the price for her parenting choices. I just never understood the "My kid is a perfect little angel" syndrome. I learned that my kids were neither perfect nor angels well before they were two, because, lets face it, they are KIDS! Kids take advantage if they can, they push limits, the act out, they are impulsive, and they behave the way they are taught. No discipline=no self control. Oh well, not my kid, but the sad part is, I bet he is just looking for attention.


A Jersey Girl said...

Well, my kid is perfect, as am I. And God Bless You, I tell you all the time I am not sure how you do it all, but you sure do, and well, I might add:)

Ree said...

I commend you for all you do!! I think is wonderful and i wish I could be more like you!! I wish I could be more organized and had a little more umph to do things!! A lot of times my mind wants to but my body just doesn't agree or co-operate!!
Kudos to you-- you're 'da bomb'!!
Tough too-toos on anyone that disagees!!