Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Falling behind

The last few weeks have been overwhelming, and I feel like I just keep falling further behind. I still have three to four batches of apples to dry and the house needs a good going over. There is plenty of clean laundry, but none is folded or put away. I have been working to get the basics done each day, dishes, vacuuming, laundry, gathering up the general mess, cooking, work and errands, but there is so much that is looming and it is making me very overwhelmed. Living in a house that is disorganized is frustrating for me, and while I KNOW what I need to do, I just never seem to have enough time when the basics are done. Right now I am halfway through grading for FT school, and I need to finish today. I am still not feeling well, not that anyone at my home would care to notice, and I still have to cook dinner and go to PT school tonight. Tomorrow doesn't appear to be any better, since I need to bake cookies for the girls parties on Friday and wrangle something up for Grayson's party. I need to layout Halloween costumes since I work Friday afternoon and won't be home until dinnertime, and I must fold the kid's clothes at least. I am waiting for the guy to come put in the water heater and I must get on a call at three, so when am I supposed to get it all done? If I could, I would get another five hours in the day, and maybe I could get on top of this heap. Did I mention that the curtain rod in the family room is falling down and I need to go get a replacement and paint for this room?

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