Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The day just gets yuckier

So, the new water heater is ordered and will hopefully be installed in the next few days. Thankfully the old one works, it is just leaking, so we can still be clean. Ryan's dad is in a bad way as well, he lost a big client and isn't going to pay alimony, to his mom who has no job and is facing foreclosure. Sounds like fun huh. So we, the only remotely stable people, have been trying to figure out what to do. We have asked her to come live here, and while that may seem like fun to some people, lets just say my MIL and I are polar opposites. She never has a plan (evidence for my life here), is erratic, a blamer, doesn't own her choices and mistakes and is very, very critical and passive aggressive. Visits with her can be tough and I bite my tongue a lot, but if she lives here it will have to be different. This world we have built is strong, stable and grounded for the kid's. They know who their parents are, our beliefs and our goals. While we always knew she would end up with us someday, I was hoping it would be after we moved and bought a house with an apartment or inlaw suite. I am very stressed about what is to come, and it is taking its toll. I am feeling very sick, I think I have a fever working and I just want to go to bed. As I am a mom, I am supervising homework and making dinner in spite of my yuckiness.

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