Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I have always been one who enjoyed a schedule, not that we couldn't be flexible, but we had goals each day. Lately I just cannot get it together, and I think part of the problem is that chalkboard i used to use for daily chores has been down since we redid our kitchen. I will be ordering a new chalkboard today!

We have been very busy, and as a result, everything else has been pushed to the side. Today I was planning to stay home all day and clean, but Haven is out of her epilepsy meds, so I need to go get them filled, and then Britt has a soccer game tonight and I have to bring snack.

So Gray and I will head out in a bit to get the script filled and grab some drinks for soccer. Since we will be out, Gray and I will go grab lunch, then home where I am hoping he will nap. Then I will work, clean, cook dinner and help with homework when the girls get home. Britt's game is at 5:30, so we will head to that, then pick up Haven's meds, then home for bedtime!

Tomorrow is more running around, I have my call, then will meet Em to get Gray, then to the farm, a quick stop at Gymboree to make an exchange on Christmas outfits and then home to make dinner and go teach! Busy busy!

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