Monday, October 27, 2008

Mondays keep me hopping!

This morning the crew and I made it out the door with no real hiccups. Britt had her field trip and it is very chilly, so I am hoping they went and she stayed warm! Tomorrow Haven and Grayson each have field trips.

After dropping Gray at school, I ran home and did some work, then back out the door at 10:30 to get the CSA which is in the opposite direction of preschool. Got the CSA bag (we will eat well this week!) and headed off to preschool. Grabbed Gray and Maggie, ran to the grocery store to get juiceboxes and bread, no canteens on trips :( The kids were really good at the store and even helped me scan some of the stuff we were getting. The I ran home, fed the littles some lunch, made a fire, finished my work, sliced some apples to dry and vacuumed the lower level. Now I can relax for a bit, enjoy the warm fire and do a little web surfing. Tonight, as requested by my smallest child, we will be having tacos and spanish rice.

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