Thursday, October 2, 2008

The unplanned

So, today was not the best day. I am crabby, husband is being jerky and kids are being rotten. Oh well, happens to the best of us!

I had dinner all made, coleslaw was chilling in the fridge, pulled pork was cooking in the crock and we had a plan...until Em called to see if we wanted to go to dinner. Well of course we did, it was Declan's birthday after all! We went, the kids were awful, I was still mad at husband even after the Mug'orita and home we came to put them to bed.

Dinner is now all set for tomorrow, which is a surprise bonus since I have to teach :) I have a bit of a headache from the frozen beverage I had, but I am about to make some coffee, take two tylenol and grade some papers. I am also anxiously awaiting 9pm to watch the debate.

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A Jersey Girl said...

We had fun at dinner tonight! I am very glad you guys were able to come- It was his BEST birthday EVER!