Thursday, October 2, 2008

What's cookin?

It is a breezy, chilly, rare fall day here in Virginia, and I am loving it! I have some housework and a bit of grading to do, but mostly I plan to laze about and enjoy this beautiful day. Emily and I also must choose where we will be going the week between Christmas and New Years. Originally we were looking to rent a house in the OBX, but now we may be looking at Vermont and Maine as choices. How nice it will be to look outside and see snow and just snuggle up with a good book!

Husband, on the other hand, is taking a morning nap(!) and then getting up to clean the gutters and do some yard work-or so he says.

At just after 10 am, my dinner is already cooking away. I am giving the crockpot another shot and making my famous BBQ pulled pork in it, I am hoping is comes out as tasty as it does when I make it in the oven. I also had roughly four pounds of CSA apples that are on the stove becoming applesauce!

Off to switch laundry and do some dishes. Then I will get grading.

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A Jersey Girl said...

Tough life we have deciding on where to go for vacation!