Saturday, October 11, 2008


So hubby and I were talking on the ride yesterday about how lonely it feels for me sometimes. It is hard to explain, but when you work online, and your school is online and the only time you see people is when you teach and are the authority, it can get lonely. I find that most people don't understand what my world is like, and in no way do I fault them for it, but it can be hard to relate to others sometimes. I wish I knew someone else who was getting their doctorate and was a mom or 33 so we could compare battle stories. This path is unique, and it can be difficult to explain to people who are very close to you, just how alone one can feel. I joked with Ryan that I was going to go and take an onground class for no credit, just to meet others who are doing this. He said go for it, but I need to figure out when I have the time. Oh well, pity party over, and by the way, I do really, really appreciate those who do put up with me, my crazy life and all that goes with it, I know you all try to be as understanding as possible and I love you for it!

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Ree said...

I understand the lonliness, however different the reasons ours is! I sometimes can't wait to go back to work to just be around other adults!!