Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dressing Three Kids

We are a fortunate family in that we get loads of hand me downs that are in awesome shape from my niece, nephew and Declan. The kids always have too many clothes, especially since their mama splurges on some cool duds for them. Not having to buy all their clothes allows me the luxury of picking and choosing what I do buy for them, and it makes it so much more affordable.

When my girls were little, before the little guy came along, I used to get their Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter outfits at this gorgeous little boutique. My favorite outfits were from the year Brittan was born. Haven had a tapestry swing top with pants covered in tiny little cream colored pom poms. Britt had a dress in the same tapestry pattern and a proper bum cover to match Havey's pants. They were so precious in those outfits, but they set me back a pretty penny! Since adding a boy into the mix, we have become creative in holiday outfit choosing, and I have been pleasantly surprised each year when I find something I love, that is a good deal (well for dressing three kids).

Last year the kids wore Hanna Anderson for Christmas, and I loved the outfits, full of snowflakes and rich reds. This year we have chosen Gymboree for Christmas, and they will be wearing matching outfits with plaids and Scottie dogs. Haven, who is ant-dress a lot of the time, is wearing a plaid skirt, cream sweater with a Scottie dog on it, Scottie dog knee highs, hair ties and a matching bracelet. Brittan is wearing the Scottie Dog dress with matching tights and beret and will carry her Scottie dog purse. Grayson has a plaid button down, red sweater vest and argyle socks which will be paired with black cords. Thanks to super sweet Emily who had Gym Bucks to share, the kids will be decked out with all the accessories for $40 per kid!

Since Christmas was taken care of, I then decided to focus on Thanksgiving. Last year I put the girls in brown corduroy knickers, with cream sweaters, tights and brown ballet flats (trust me, it was so cute.) Gray had a sweater to match and they were all quite adorable. We are unsure of where we will be on Thanksgiving, but that doesn't mean the kids don't need to look spiffy. I love using fall colors for Thanksgiving, and was so happy to find brown sweater dresses at Old Navy for the girls, on sale for only $10 each!!! I then purchased each girl a pair of patterned leg warmers to match, and hoorah, two kids dressed for under $50 bucks! Grayson already has a brand new pair of brown cords, so I am on the lookout for a sweater that will work with the girl's outfits, I love him in orange or rich golds, so maybe something will show up soon. Maybe I can dress all three for only $25 per kid.

So while non-parents can not understand the desire to have your children dressed up and looking snazzy for the holidays, and just how expensive it can be, parents know that this is quite the feat!

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