Monday, December 17, 2007

The wee hours

So it is 5:12 and I have been up since 3:30. Seems like everything from the weekend just hit, along with all I have to do to get ready for next week. After a week of a sick kid and planning to get a bunch of stuff done over the weekend, and then not being able to due to Gray being sick, I am swamped. I have at least 7 loads of clothes to fold, another 7 to wash, my house is a huge mess, I have two more batches of cookies to bake and all the wrapping. I only have to buy a few more presents, but I need to get the teacher gifts done, the kids need to make the ornaments they are giving and we still need to cut, paint and install the kitchen shelves. I accepted that the lights will not get on the house, so I bought candles for all the windows (15!) and as long as I can get the clutter and all of the stuff I have purchased in the last week organized and put away, we will be OK.

Thankfully I am on vacation, no work at either school and no school for me. The kids have a half day on Friday and then they are home for two weeks, and we have company from Sunday Dec. 23rd-Dec 30th. My parents come on the 23rd, and my sister and her family will come that day too. My parents will stay through dinner on the 25th, and on the 24th we will also celebrate Ryan's birthday (#31). Late on Christmas Day, Ryan's mom, his brothers and Kristin will come. His brothers and Kristin have never been to this house, actually the last time they were in VA was when we moved into our townhouse 7 years ago, so this is a really special occasion. On the 26th, I will make a big holiday feast and Emily, Ben and the kids will join us (b/c lets face it, they are more family than friend) and I hope it is crazy, loud and wonderful!

The boys and Kristin will probably leave on the 27th and Ry's mom will stay on until the 30th. My kids are so excited that everyone is coming for Christmas, they have never had so many people, and being that we have been more doom and gloom here rather than Christmas cheer the last week, I am so happy they will have so many people to visit and play with.

Now if only I can get and keep Grayson healthy, make Brittan well again and keep Haven healthy, it will be a wonderful Christmas.

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