Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The rush

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Having an extra two kids home yesterday sick, and Brittan home today sick, I feel like I am maintaining, but not moving forward. It is now five, the kids need baths tonight, I need to vacuum the Living Room and clean my desk. I have some wrapped presents for under the tree, and I need to move all of the linens and serving dishes. I also must sit and fold laundry, do the dishes and do a few other things around the house.

Tomorrow I have to overhaul the playroom. We decided to move the blue couches in there when the new couch comes on Thursday. The kids really need a decent place to sit, and the futon is getting pretty beat up, so it should work out well. The problem is that the room is a mess, there is the kid's Christmas and I have to move the desk in for the computer my parents bought them. It will be a few hours of work, but I am hoping that I can just get in there in the morning and get everything done.

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