Saturday, December 22, 2007

So very close

Tomorrow the family arrives, and I think we are finally ready!

The kitchen is all done, we rearranged everything, put up the shelves, etc, and it looks and works great. On my new shelves front and center is my Christmas gift from Emily, a new Le Creuset Soup Pot!!!! I cannot wait to use it tomorrow to make soup, thank you so much Em!

Today we got the house cleaned. I still need to do the Dining Room, but that will wait until after dinner so I can put out the new linens. I also need to vacuum upstairs and clean the kids bathroom, but that is quick and easy. I have made some headway with the laundry, but have a feeling I will be folding a lot tonight :)

Tomorrow my parents come and the kids are so excited. My sister, her husband and kids are coming as well. We are having an easy day, just soup and sandwiches, some presents and cookies. My parents will be here through Christmas dinner, then Ryan's mom and brothers come that night. Right now on my stove I have meatballs for dinner, and in the oven are more Florentine cookies and pumpkins muffins made with the homemade puree (they are in little pumpkin shaped molds too!)

I am so happy the kids are feeling better.

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