Saturday, December 29, 2007

Cool and Calm

So, crazy MIL walked around town, we followed, when Ryan was there she got in the car with some stranger and left. He was so upset and stressed, but thankfully a few hours later his brother called and said she called them and was at a hotel. We assumed she would sober up and call in the morning, but when Ry's brothers called the hotel, they said she checked out. She had no cell phone, no credit cards, etc. Finally last night, Kristin called and said that MIL was home. Crazy b^tch got a cab to the airport and bought a new ticket home, and still no contact with is, no apology, nothing!

So, Ryan and I did what was best, we went on with our days and went back to normal. Our home is again quiet and peaceful (except when the kids fight) and we are just moving forward. I need to talk to Ryan to see what he wants to do about this, as it is his mom and I really cannot understand how he feels, but I am pretty sure I am done with her. If he wants a relationship with his mom, I will support him on that, but we will need to decide about the kids and I am sure I never want to see her or speak to her again. It wasn't just this one time, there have been too many incidents that have disrupted my life, my marriage and most importantly hurt and damaged my husband. I love my family, and I hope that we will continue to build a relationship with Ryan's brothers and Kristin, it is so important that they remain in our lives and the kids lives. Such a sad ending to a wonderful visit.

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