Sunday, December 2, 2007

Gray Mornings

Today is a gray day,and I am a bit sad that we are missing all of the snowy fun that those just north of us are getting.

It is just after 10:30 today, and the kiddos and I have been busy! We got up and they had a breakfast of eggs, sausage and cereal (I swear they are addicted-and it was Special K!) I did some cleaning, made the morning coffee and discovered that my coffee maker is injured. I love my coffee maker, it is a Melitta Mill and Brew and I have had it over 5 years. It is a bit sad, the top latch is broken so a bag of pastina keeps it closed, but still I love it. Today it sprang a leak, I repaired it with some electrical tape,but alas, I fear it needs to go. I ordered a new one and it should be here by Wednesday, and yes, I got the same one, so very brand loyal!

The kids have been busy making ornaments and paper chains for their tree. I got the pasta machine out so that we can make some homemade pasta today for dinner, and I think we may whip up some bread as well. I made the fire, went out to the woodpile and gathered the days wood and made our home warm and cozy. Whew, we have been busy!

When Ryan gets home, he will put the family tree in the living room, and cut the board for the kid's tree while I run to get the batting. Then he will head up to bed, I will set up the kid's tree and they will go to town decorating. While they are busy, the bread will be made, the pasta rolled and then the kids will cut the pasta for me. Pictures to come!

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