Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Still breathing

Gray had a bad asthma attack this morning, even on the two inhaled meds, the oral steroid and a cough medicine. He is supposed to stop the oral steroid after tomorrow, but I am terrified of the four day weekend, especially after he had another asthma attack tonight after his last treatment. I am guessing either tomorrow or Friday, we will be back at the doc to make sure he is OK. I don't want to end up back in the hospital for Christmas.

I am moving along on getting the house ready, it is slow, but steady. It looks as though Brittan will go back to school tomorrow, and the girls will bring in the gifts for their teachers. After I drop the girls, Gray and I will head to the farm for our milk. Ry will be here hopefully prepping for the new couch and making the shelves for the kitchen. On the big project list, we have the couch coming tomorrow, the shelves for the kitchen and the pantry clean up....not to mention cleaning the whole house. My big plan is to clean on Saturday, and then just damage control all day Sunday until company arrives. We will have to see how it goes....

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