Sunday, December 9, 2007

Recycle your dinner

Dinner was yummy, but we had a ton of leftovers. The chicken bones became stock along with an onion and a few carrots. Stock was strained and has since become soup with the leftover chicken, some rosemary, carrots, corn, peas and noodles all mixed together with a little salt and sage. The final ingredient is our secret weapon and it is what takes watery, bland chicken soup to tasty, wonderful chicken soup, and I owe it to my husband who figured this out. We add a few dashes of Frank's Red Hot to the soup and WHAM-Fabulous, flavorful soup. It doesn't make it spicy, it doesn't overpower the taste of the chicken, veg or herbs, it just gives it a little something special. are you going to recycle your dinner tonight?

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