Saturday, December 15, 2007

My poor baby

Grayson was admitted to the hospital last night. We thought we had a good day and then BAM he spiked a fever and began throwing up. We took him in, they admitted him b/c he white cells were too high, and they are keeping him again tonight to keep an eye on him. Hopefully all the tests will come back better, and he will come home tomorrow. The hospital staff is great, and he is as comfortable as a sick three year old in the hospital can get. I hope he has a good night.


rachelpinklovesunicorns said...

Oh becca, I'm so sorry. That's awful. Sending good thoughts your way.
X Rachel

Tribe Mama said...

Thanks Rachel. Hopefully today he will come home, I will post an update later. I am happily gathering all the well wishes and sending them to Gray.