Saturday, December 29, 2007

Small indulgances

It was a wonderful day in the Kelley house. The kids got along fairly well, I actually sat down and had a quiet day, Emily and Maggie came for dinner, and I already ordered a PPV movie for tonight. As I am off from both jobs right now, and the kids are home, I am enjoying being with my family and snuggling up at home. Tomorrow I will bake some bread, make a nice turkey dinner that we will share with Emily and Maggie, and enjoy the calm of our lives. Next week I am thinking of driving to Williamsburg with the kids, it is a great opportunity to get out and do something, there should be no crowds and it's educational!

Just a few more weeks and we are on our way to Florida! I am getting excited, but haven't started planning yet. I think we will do two days at Sea World, two at Disney and one at Busch Gardens Tampa.

Off to sit and relax!

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theansweris said...

Thanks again for dinner. Maybe tomorrow I will get off my ass and help instead of watching tv on the nice new couches:)