Sunday, December 23, 2007

Til the morning comes

So I awake with no voice, this could be an early present for my family, or it may be the virus bit me. I haven't been feeling well the last few days, and knew there was a chance I was getting sick. Thankfully, it is just a sore throat and mild cough, along with the lost voice, so it isn't too bad. Haven finally got pink eye, but we treated it early enough that she shouldn't spread it to anyone else.

The festivities begin today. The house is all clean, minus the last minute vacuum that only the owner of a Newfoundland or other hairy beast would know. The dishes need to be done, but that is a normal morning item, and the kids need to get dressed in all their Christmas glory (since everyone comes at 2, I will dress them at 1:45) Lunch/Dinner will be spinach and artichoke dip, sandwiches, salad, and an Italian sausage soup with orzo, mmmm.

Now if only my husband would leave work, pick up the last few things at the store, and join us. Soon :)

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