Sunday, December 16, 2007

My sweet boy...

So, the hell is over now. Gray was sick last week with croup and asthma issues. Friday we had a good day, Ryan, Gray and I ran some errands, and I noticed as we were leaving one of the stores that his cheeks were really red. First thought I had was scarlet fever (which is just strep and no big deal) but the redness got better. The girls came home from school, poor Britt had no voice and didn't feel well, but she and Haven came with me to order our new couch (YEAH!)

We ordered the couch, ran to Lowes, came home. Kids went to bed, we settled in to relax and then we heard the screaming. Ry went up, came back and said Gray had a fever. I went up, we gave him medicine and I noticed he was shaking, took the temp and he was 102. I told Ry we were going to the hospital, he thought I was nuts, I got the girls coats on, grabbed a bucket in case Gray got sick and we left for the hospital. On the way, we got caught in a police checkpoint-loads of fun with a screaming child in the back, then he began vomiting, a lot, violently, while I drove....good thing I had grabbed the bucket :)

Got to the hospital, I ran ahead and told the check in people that I had a 3 year old, croup this week, asthmatic on three steroids, vomiting and fever of 102. They were awesome, took us straight to triage then into an ER room. By then his fever was 104 and he was soooo sick. My poor girls sat there, they were so scared, but they were brave as they waited for Emily and Ben (who are saints for coming to get them). Girls left and poor Gray was so sick, he kept passing out and just screaming. They took blood, chest x-ray, put in the iv, etc. A number of hours later, his temp was still over 101, his blood work came back and they told us he was staying. Seems along with slow breathing, wheezing, vomiting and fever, he had a very high white blood count. The doctors were worried that he either had a raging infection or he had leukemia. They admitted him, the pediatric ward was great and the staff was excellent. He stayed another night and came home to us tonight.

His white blood count is still a little high, but it looks like it was so extremely high in the ER because he was dehydrated and the steroids he was on caused a jump in the count. Thankfully, he had no blood infections or anything awful. Two nights in the hospital but now he is home, back on the oral steroids and has to see the doctor tomorrow to follow up. Brittan is sick too, so she can visit the doctor as well, but that is OK, they are all here, in bed and safe and sound. What a terrible ordeal, but I am so glad we took him in, I am thankful the doctors were cautious and careful in his treatment, and relieved that he is OK, because it just wasn't the same with him not home!

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