Friday, December 7, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree!

So, today started off cold and drzzly, but the school opened on time. Ry took the girls to school, I held down the fort here and the day began. We had a quiet day at home, I worked on cutting, baking and decorating the gingerbread men and gingerbread snowflakes. I started putting the Christmas decorations out, did a little work, had lunch and gave Gray a nap. For dinner I used up some leftover chicken and made tortilla soup and quesadillas for everyone. The soup was good, but subbing canned jalapenos for canned green chilis made it a little too spicy for the tribe. Some soup doctoring later, we had dinner and the kiddos ate their soup.

After dinner, we started to decorate the big tree. We cut the tree down from a local tree farm last week, and now the lights are on and it was ready to be decorated! I love getting all of the ornaments out and telling the kids who made each item, or where we bought it or when. We even have the paper stocking with the glue glitter that I made in kindergarten circa 1980! I admit I got weepy a few times, seeing all of the "First Christmas" and homemade goodies from the kids. Quite a few tears were also shed when I found the ornaments that Ryan bought me the first year we were dating, little did he know how what he was getting into!

Now I sit here, the tree is done, the cookies put away, the fire glowing and the kids almost ready for bed and I am so very thankful to be the mama to the tribe and the wife to Ryan. We may be a crazy bunch, but there is a lot of love and strength in our family.

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