Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas greenery

Today was the big day...time to get a tree. Once we hauled ourselves out of the house at nearly 12:30, we stopped at the Fallons to drop off their chocolate milk and get the free, fake tree that will live in the playroom. Then we were off to lunch, which was pretty enjoyable, a surprise as the kids were VERY hungry and VERY sick of waiting :) After lunch, Ryan and I made the executive decision to go get the tree at the Christmas tree farm that is closer to our house, rather than the one that is almost an hour away, but a pretty country drive. We went to Nokesville to the tree farm, and on the way Brittan, Grayson and Ryan fell asleep! We got there and went looking for the "perfect" tree. We found one, but then a family came over and they had been looking at that tree and another, so we let them have the tree they wanted. Then from across the farm, I saw it, the perfect Kelley Christmas tree, so we went and cut it down. We ended up with a White Pine, even though Ryan really wanted the Norway Spruce, but it is tall, and full and the needles are soft.

On our way home we stopped at Lowes for the sealant for the new marble on the island and a piece of wood to make the base for the kid's tree. Needless to say, the wood was huge and had to be tied under the tree, but we got it home in one piece. Tomorrow I will cut down the wood, wrap the batting around it to make snow, put the kid's tree up and the train underneath. They have been busy making ornaments, and while it won't be the prettiest tree, they will love it!

Tomorrow night I will make a pot of cocoa and we will decorate the family tree in the living room. Then I will put out the rest of the decorations and we will be ready to enjoy Christmas.

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