Sunday, December 9, 2007

Daily Grind

So one of the biggest problems I have faced as we are making the move to eating local, whole foods is my first love, coffee. As there are no coffee growers in Virginia or 100 mile radius, I obviously cannot get local coffee. In my world, the next best option is to buy free trade coffee. For those who don't know, free trade items such as coffee, chocolate, etc, means that the growers and/or producers of the product are paid a living, fair wage for their products. Many coffee growers who are not free trade are not paid a fair wage for their product, and often work very hard but do not earn enough to support themselves and send their children to school. Fair trade ensures that the groups, often women, are paid enough to live in a clean, safe environment. I always try to buy Fair Trade Organic if possible, and will begin roasting the beans here at home once I order my home roaster.

I also plan to start making out own juices when fruit is in season. My kids drink juice, but not a lot, so I may start making homemade apple and orange juice.

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