Tuesday, December 4, 2007


It was cold this morning, only 34 when I left to take the girls to school. We dropped them, Gray and I ran to the store and then home to straighten up. Emily picked us up at 11 and we went and grabbed her girls from preschool and met her husband for lunch. Then we came back home, and Em's girls are here so Emily and Ben can go to a meeting. The kids are playing well, and I have a warm fire for them. I also have a batch of cookies in the oven, a treat for the kids and more to stash for Christmas and a pot roast that is about to be put on for supper.

I love winter, and there is some snow forecasted for tomorrow, but I hope it holds off. I am giving my class at PT school their final tomorrow as I will be in Pittsburgh for FT school next week, so a snow day would not be a good thing. That being said, once I get back from the Burgh next Friday, it can snow all it wants!

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