Monday, December 3, 2007

Happy Monday!

We slept in this morning, and didn't rise until a very late 8 am. I was nervous that we would have a rough morning, but we got going and out the door a bit late, but early enough to have the girls at school on time. After dropping the girls off, Grayson and I ran to Lowes to bring back the stupid train and get a new tree stand. We were successful, came home to clean the house and for me to grab a shower. Emily and Maggie came by, and then we all left to pick Killian up from school. We had some errands to do in Fredricksburg, so we headed down there so Em could buy a new dishwasher (a moment of silence for her, life with three kids and a broken dishwasher is hell) and then I had to return a few things. I also got a new purse for my trip so I can look like a grown up. Back home, got the snack for the Brownies, dropped it off, Em the kids and I drove around, the babies slept and then Brittan and Declan got home. After the Fallons left, we made dinner, I did some work and now I will feed the tribe and get ready to run a faculty development call at 8. Whew...but overall, the kids were good and my stress is low :)

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theansweris said...

Thank you for the moment. Cleaning up from roast chicken was no fun with no dishwasher:(

I hope Friday comes FAST!