Thursday, December 13, 2007

The test of love

Grayson is still sick. He was up every 15 minutes last night while laying in bed with me. He yelled at me for over an hour about being hungry, then yelled at me for two hours about wanting to go outside and play (this was from 3:30p5:30 am)

He has been crying and screaming and demanding things all day. He screamed at me the whole time we were waiting to see the doctor, he screamed at me when we left, he is screaming right now. My boy is usually so easy going and good natured, but he hasn't slept in days and the heavy steroids he is on affect his mood. I love him, I have been telling him and myself all day how much I love him, but boy is he testing my patience. Usually I could look at the situation and know that in three hours he will be in bed, but since he hasn't slept in three nights, I am not expecting much relief. I have two papers that I must complete tonight, plus three more by Saturday. Arghh.

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