Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Update on health

All three kids went to the doctor yesterday, no strep and just this wicked virus that is causing the cough and fever. Britt is still home today, she is still running a fever, but I made Haven go to school. She has a cough and a bit of a sore throat, but with some medicine she will be fine. She usually feels better once she is up and moving, and being that she is in second grade, I don't want her to miss unless she has to.

The little ones are coloring, I have done the dishes and some of the vacuuming. I need to go make a huge batch of shortbread, I will then put it in the fridge and we will go pick up the kids cough medicine and meet Emily and her girls for Killi's birthday lunch. Then we will come home, Britt and Gray will nap, I will bake shortbread and clean my desk which is a disaster. Hopefully I will get the living room organized, wrap a few gifts for family members to put under the tree and finish the cookies. Tomorrow I will get the teacher gift cards, pack up their cookie tins and attach the ornaments as the kids finish making them. Ryan and I need to move the little couch out of the family room tomorrow night, move the armoire and get ready for the couch to be delivered on Thursday (yeah)!

Then....all I have to do the rest of the week and ride out to the farm for milk, go grocery shopping for the holiday cheer foods and wrap about a million presents - along with fold and wash a thousand loads of clothes :)

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