Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Take a shot

So Grayson had a rough night again. I am happy I stayed home, especially since Ryan kept telling me today how he was fine and doing better, while I thought he was worse. By the end of the day, I was sure he was worse, called the doctor and asked to come in. We went in at 4:10, saw a different doctor from yesterday (which helps me know I am not crazy and he is sick) and while his oxygen levels are good, he is retracting on one side. They gave him a breathing treatment, and still he was retracting. This is not good, especially since it is on the one side, and he has taken two doses of oral steroids, an inhaled steroid and the Xopenex. They gave him a shot of another steroid, a more potent one, and told us to come back tomorrow, if we make it through the night.

My boy was a trooper, and was his usual chipper self, even though he looks like death. He let them poke him and listen to him, he sat there and did his treatment and he took the shot like a champ. I am very proud of him, and also worried that he will have a bad night. Fingers crossed!

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