Saturday, December 8, 2007


The tribe, Ryan and I went to the girl's school this morning for the annual Pancake Breakfast and Book Fair. The kids and Ryan had some pancakes, juice and sausage as I helped out with pouring juice. This is a PTO event, and my neighbor is the chairperson, so I went, poured and helped out the school. The event was packed, so hopefully a lot of money was raised for the kids!

While I finished pouring juice, the kids headed to the book fair, and they each came home with a new book. Brittan did a great job reading her new book, she is doing much more reading than Haven did in Kindergarten, but she is also a perfectionist, so she will work until it is right.

Afterwards, Britt and I went and grabbed haircuts, just a trim for her, a few inches for me. Then home to lunch, I made some peppermint meringues and meatballs and pasta for supper. Graded for FT school, will write a paper tonight, and hopefully, I have a quiet evening of work and toasty fires ahead.

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