Sunday, March 1, 2009

Real Snow???

They are calling for a real snow here and to say we are excited is an understatement! I am a winter person, and I love to hunker down with a fire and cook all day when it is chilly. While we have had some bitter days this year, the snowfall has been sad, so I am hoping we will get covered!

So far today I have a warm fire going...and I hope to keep it going into tomorrow! I am cooking up a hot lunch to fill my children who seem to be bottomless pits, and there are muffins for snack today. Dinner will be hearty and wholesome baked pasta, salad and bread and if the snow falls, we will have strawberry shortcake, my favorite snowy day dessert!

I ordered a new sewing machine and will gt a bunch of fleece to bring to my mom's in April. She has assured me that she will teach me to make some of the baby clothes, and I am hoping to convince her to crochet me a few wool shorties...I will bring her the yarn and the pattern :)

OK...of to do housework and watch the kids play.

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