Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A note on cosleeping

We never set out to be cosleepers. When Haven was born we had the big crib all set up and the bassinet in our room for her....but things changed. She had really severe reflux, projectile, and would sputter and choke sometimes. We were afraid she would aspirate, so we began allowing her to spend some of the night with us. When I was pregnant with Brittan and Ryan began working nights, it was just easier to put her to bed in her bed and allow her to come in when she needed. Brittan and Grayson did not cosleep originally as long, both did well in the bassinet and crib, but Grayson has been back with me almost every night the last year and a half (keep in mind Haven only stopped coming in 2 years ago). While there are nights I wish Gray wouldn't come in, I know he still needs it. I know this by the way he reaches out to touch my arm or face when he is sleeping and how once he makes contact, his whole little body settles right back into a deep sleep. While it isn't for everyone, I don't regret the many nights I saved us all from bad sleep by just letting the kids snuggle in.

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