Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sew busy

I got quite a bit done today, especially being that this nasty cold is making me feel crummy. Did some morning work..course checks. Then worked on cleaning up the house and tackled the kitchen, family room and dining room. Busted out the new sewing machine and became acquainted. Today I made 16 flannel cloth wipes and will need to make at least another 25. I also started rehemming the curtains in the living room that the evil cats unhemmed. Then I need to move on to the diaper liners, I have fleece for those. I want to practice on the simple things before I take on my first outfit for the baby. My goal is to be ready when my mom comes on the 28th so she can help me cut, pin and sew my first item. My girls have asked from some items for peasant skirts for Haven, sundresses for Brittan and dresses and rompers for the new baby girl.

I also have a nice dinner that we will enjoy if Ryan and Haven ever get home from riding! Yummy T-bones on the grill from the farm, rice and salad....healthy and simple. Tonight I have to run a call, plus I have to do some schoolwork. Tomorrow I will make the farm run and I may take Gray to play with friends. Ry needs to fix the family room wall where the curtains were pulling out...and I need to start painting that room!

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