Monday, March 9, 2009


Seems Gray and I have caught a bug. I am hoping it is just a cold settling in, but he has had a low fever and his chest sounds really raspy, so he may be making a trip to the pediatrician. I can't complain too much, he hasn't been in all winter, and after last year when we were there multiple times per week, this has been a mild winter. The sad part is that I also have his cold and it is right back in my sinuses! I am hopeful that the mass amounts of antibiotics I have been on will prevent another sinus infection, but I will be watching things closely. On the bright side,the baby girl has been very active the last few days and I think we are heading into the pokes,jabs and kicks phase of pregnancy. I love when I can feel the baby move a lot, it is so good for the soul.

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