Saturday, March 28, 2009

A proud day

We had a full and exciting day! Haven was performing not once, but twice, in our county art festival. Haven and I got out early this morning to drop her off, and then I ran back to get the rest of the tribe and my mom who made the trip to see Havey. We headed back, looked at all the art work, and saw both of my girl's submissions :) Then we watched the first performance. In this one, eight third graders from each school were chosen to take part, and they practiced instruments and songs at their own schools for a few weeks, and then all came together for the first time this morning. They put on a musical play where they switched around, played various instruments and was amazing what they learned on their own and then what they could accomplish when together. The performance was great, but everyone was hungry so we headed out to lunch where we all refueled! Then back to the school to see Haven perform again with her school singing group. They were wonderful, of course, and Haven was so happy we were there for her. After that, we headed to Friendly's to celebrate with ice cream sundaes! Back home and everyone is tired, but happy. The kids are playing with my mom, I am working, and we enjoyed our full day of fine art :)

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