Monday, March 30, 2009

Wishing for summer

Oh I want summer to come. Long, warm days. No rushing out the door in the morning, no going to work. It makes the days so much more fun to have no place we HAVE to be!

I did sign the girls up for camp and we are considering putting them in a second week if they really like it. We are also buying a pool, they would really love being able to swim all summer and being that I cannot be in the water a good chunk of the summer after having the baby, this seemed like the best option. We also have a trip with my parents planned for August, plus a trip for Grayson's birthday that month....I guess we DO have places to be!

In addition, we have booked our trip for next spring to Disney and I am finalizing whether we want to rent a beach house for two weeks, or rent one for one week and then take a trip up North, maybe to NYC or Montauk for a week. Ah,what a hard life :)

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