Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wiped out!

I am just beat after today! i got a bunch more painting done, the room isn't complete, but with three kids underfoot and a million other tasks, I did make some headway. I have gotten everything ready for tomorrow, including lunches and clothes for the kids since we have an early start and Haven has a field trip. I still have a paper to write, but it looks pretty manageable, so I think it will move quickly. Tomorrow, after dropping the brood, I am headed back home to paint some more, work on the laundry, get ready for work and do some cleaning. Tuesday will be a big cleaning day getting ready for my mom and I also want to finish the painting that day so I expect to be tired and sore :)

So far, cooking without an oven has been interesting! I made burritos tonight with ground beef and black beans and my own mix of seasoning. My kids love spicy food, so we made it to the families liking and they enjoyed. Tomorrow will be pretty simple, kielbasi and pierogies since I have work, and Tuesday we will grill. Somehow we will make it until the new stove comes, and I am so very excited to try it out with a roast or some cookies!

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