Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Here comes Spring!

It seems to have crept up, but spring is on the horizon! My onions are getting ready to be planted later today or early tomorrow. I have some grading to do over the next two days, and once that is done, I want to get the family room painted. We also need to start the seeds and get the garden soil ready. The unfortunate thing is that tomorrow my husband has an appointment in the morning and the kids come home early from school, and Friday I have two doctors appointments, so I will be booked all day. The goal, by Sunday, is to have the onions in the ground, the tomato, cucumber, and squash seeds started and the family room painted. I also need to get the herb garden going, it should be able to be out out soon, and the lettuce and spinach are also ready to be planted. Hectic as it may be, this time of year is full of renewed hope and joy for if only we can get the work done and the mucky soil dry out a bit!

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