Monday, March 23, 2009

Pluses and Minuses

There are always positives and negatives to any situation. The last week and a half there have been a few things going on here simultaneously, but the one that has been the most unnerving has been related to Grayson. He has presented some unusual symptoms, including a complete loss of appetite (which is sloooooowly coming back), extreme exhaustion (12-13 hours of sleep a night and 3 hour naps), and complaints of all over pain. We have been back and forth to the doctor a bit, and so far we have had the worse two tests come back negative, so no leukemia or diabetes. However, the doctor is concerned that he may be in early stages of diabetes, so we are watching that, but I am hopeful that is not the case. We are waiting on a few more tests, and then he will go see the cardiologist and the allergist to rule our problems there. It is terribly scary to face health concerns with your child, and having just gone through some serious testing last fall with Haven, I am not enjoying the repeat. Fingers crossed it is some weird virus or stage and nothing bad.

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