Monday, March 30, 2009

Getting schooled

Oh my, the class I am in is kicking my rear! The assignments are vague, which makes it hard to complete them, but overall I am happy with my grades. At this point, the assignment I had due Sunday isn't even completed as I JUST got clarification on it!

In addition, my stupid adviser screwed up my schedule AGAIN! I think it is finally corrected, which is a relief, but still, how hard can it be? I am also done with my daughter's teacher, I hope the conference goes well on Friday or I may need to fire her...and it isn't pretty when someone gets fired, essentially I explain why they are incompetent, how it could have been done correctly and then I inform them they are fired. Takes a lot for me to be done with someone, but when I am, it ends...I am very tired of incompetence, especially in education, it is just laziness, which lately is all I see around me. What happened to having pride in what you do?

On the bright side, my new stove comes tomorrow and I am very, VERY excited!

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