Saturday, March 14, 2009

What to do, what to do?

We got some really great news yesterday...actually we had a great money day yesterday (and the day before) and it was just in time! On Thursday I was offered a tutoring gig...just one hour a week working with a woman whose first language is not English. She needs some help with professional writing, right up my alley! Yesterday Obama's "Making Work Pay" showed up in my pay...and it was better than expected. Then, just before 5 pm we got the best call ever, our mortgage company agreed to lower our rate (it was absurd) and due to the paperwork processing...we get to skip a payment!!! We are saving $364 a month just from the rate being lowered, add to that a months worth of tutoring and the added income in our checks and it clears just under $700 bucks.....that is awesome :)

So now....what to do today? I have grading to work on, and a paper, but I also need to get busy making stock. Tonight will be chicken pot pie...mmmmm. I also have laundry to fold...better yet the girls have laundry to fold later today. Tomorrow I hope to start painting, finish the flannel baby wipes and start making the diaper doublers. Busy busy busy!

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Ree said...

Glad to here about the extra monthly $$$!! It's always great to save but that is awesome!!!