Thursday, March 26, 2009

We must be tender hearted

OK, so here is the history first. I have a heart condition, have had it since birth and it is called supra valvular aortic stenosis-a narrowing of the aorta above the valve. I have been fortunate throughout my life not to have had complications aside from scaring a few doctors and nurses when they hear my heartbeat.

Due to my heart condition, I have had a fetal echo cardiogram while pregnant with each child, this checks for major structural issues, but does not tell of all heart conditions.

Haven had a normal fetal echo cardiogram which showed no problems. At birth she was diagnosed with ventricular septal defect (VSD) which is an opening between the ventricles of the heart. She also has pulmonary stenosis (PS) which is a narrowing of one of the branches of the pulmonary artery. Over the years, her VSD patched itself and closed, and this last summer we found out that her stenosis had stretched and she is no just considered an inconsequential murmur.

Brittan had a normal fetal echo cardiogram. At age two when sick, the doctor heard a murmur. She had an echo cardiogram this summer where no defects were found and it is determined she has an inconsequential murmur.

Grayson had a normal fetal echo cardiogram. Has shown no signs of murmur. Will have a preventative echo this summer.

Today we had the fetal echo cardiogram for the new baby and for the first time we had an issue. While structurally everything is well developed, the baby's tricuspid valve is leaking. According to the pediatric cardiologist, this is usually an indicator of other heart issues which may not be presenting themselves now, or that cannot be seen while in utero. We will return in four weeks to look again for any structural issues and to determine if the heart is being stressed and if it is enlarged. The outcome from that fetal echo cardiogram will determine the course of action, and whether they think she will be needing surgery at some point.

Thankfully, we as a family are used to dealing with health issues, and no one is freaking out, including myself. This is a path we can walk.

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Casey said...

I love your positive attitude! You CAN do this. I'll be sending tons of prayers and good thoughts to you all - and especially baby girl. Hugs.