Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The big sort

Tonight I went through the bins of baby clothes that I have. Since having the girls, O passed along a lot of my girlie stuff and obviously Gray was a boy so I feared I was without clothes. After looking through tonight I was pleasantly surprised to see I have a TON of onsies, some cute little pants, and a bunch of sleepers that were unisex enough to work. I did, however, pull out a few sleep sacks that are VERY blue and will use them anyway. The babies only use the sacks a few months and only at night....so why spend more money just because they are the "wrong" color. Needless to say, I can now concentrate a bit more on cute stuff...I need to get some girl shirts/onsies, a few pink sleepers and some dresses, and of course socks :)

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Ree said...

Oh I love pulling out baby clothes. I had hand-me-downs for Shea from a friend of a friend. But they were in great shape and it was fun to go thru them!! I love the tiny lil things!!!