Friday, March 6, 2009

It was the big day!

OK...leading up today's ultrasound I had a lot of anxiety.....A LOT. This came from the fact that I was very anemic early on, as well as suffering from severe morning sickness followed by the never ending sinus infection. I have lost weight this pregnancy as well.

All of this made me very afraid, worried about defects and the possibility that I wasn't getting enough food in to support a growing baby. Ryan, Emily and I went to the ultrasound place this morning and I was so relieved. Not only is the baby healthy, it is actually a week ahead! All important pieces were there, and as best they can tell, we are expecting a healthy baby GIRL!! Come mid-July, Teagan Jayne Kelley will be joining the tribe :)

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Ree said...

That is wonderful!! LOVE the name!! Congrats!! Poor Gray!!